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Run + Brunch = RUNch

24 Feb

So many times I have gone on training runs and then used the calories burned as an excuse to enjoy a indulgent brunch.  I always say #caloriesburnedcaloriesearned and #iRuntoEat and I mean it!  Well,  a good friend of mine combined the two into one amazing friend-filled affair by hosting a RUNCH!

Basic concept –> bring a group of people together to run and then brunch, in one place and all together 🙂  You get the encouragement of a group of people as well as something to distract you so the miles just pass by.  I had never attended a Runch  before, unless running around Kandahar airfield on a Sunday Morning then meeting at the DFAC for an omelet counts?  Well, I had definitely not attended one where I got to bring my own dish and wear whatever I wanted!

Anyhow, it was a ton of fun and it didn’t matter that we had different paces and distances planned to run.  Our master planner who hosted us came up with a genius plan.  Everyone posted their planned distance and pace and based on that she divided everyone (about 12 of us) into Group A and Group B.  Group A started at 8am….ran 7 miles..then swung by to pick up Group B at 9am and we ran an out and back where people could turn around as they pleased.  Except me, I had planned to run 8 but I was too worried about finding my way back in an unfamiliar area so I ended up turning around at 5 with a good chunk of the group and ran 10 instead.

Then, once everyone returns…within 15 or so minutes of eachother…you feast!  We had quite a spread but here are some of the runch foods we enjoyed:

-Sweet Potato and Chocolate Chip Pancakes

-French Toast Casserole

-Quiche with Feta, Spinach, and Tomatoes

-Scones (blueberry and Goat cheese+herb – that was me recipes to come)

-Mimosas and Coffee

-Chia and Fruit Pudding

Protein and Carbs = perfect post-run meal!

And this concept may not be new to anyone but me, but why not get people together for exercise THEN follow it up with feasting and drinking, socializing all the while.  Especially if you if just want to do something different than the typical weekend brunch.  Maybe golf is your thing, you could Glunch.   Or if your crew likes to play basketball you could Bunch.  Or if you like to hike…how about Hunch?  Yoga is always great because you can Yunch (I’m cracking myself up). But they key is you don’t just go to a restaurant.  Someone hosts, others cook, you sit on the floor talking about life while chowing down on homemade grub.  Regardless of my silly names – make a Facebook Group, invite some friends, figure out who will make what, and create your own Brunch 🙂


Let me know what you think or if this post resonated with you!

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